Close Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does NRCI have access to my password?
    • No. NRCI will only have access to an encrypted version of your password. For security measures we will never have access to your actual password.
  • Does NRCI have access to my credit card information?
    • No. NRCI will never have access to your credit card information. Credit card information stored by Paypal.
  • How can I get a Weekly Risk Analysis subscription?
    1. Create a profile by either following the first link, or upgrade your account if we already have your e-mail address.
    2. Sign in with your e-mail address and your password.
    3. Go to the Webshop by navigating in the left menu.
    4. Select your number of subscriptions from the drop-down menu at the top.
    5. Select your subscription payment plan at the bottom (A 12 month prepaid payment plan is selected by default, as this is least expensive).
    6. Add the subscription to your checkout-cart by clicking the "Add to cart link".
    7. Confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions.
    8. Click "Buy Now"
    9. Log in to Paypal or create a new Paypal account.
    10. Review your cart an the payment conditions, and click "Agree and Pay Now"
    11. You can now go to your "Risk Gate" and follow the link to your subscription. As in the past you will receive a copy of the analysis by e-mail as well.
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